Workshop 1: Diversity in Document Retrieval (DDR-2012)


When an ambiguous query is received, a sensible approach is for the information retrieval (IR) system to diversify the results retrieved for this query, in the hope that at least one of the interpretations of the query intent will satisfy the user. Diversity is an increasingly important topic, of interest to both academic researchers (such as participants in the TREC Web and Blog track diversity tasks), as well as to search engines professionals. In this workshop, we solicit submissions both on approaches and models for diversity, the evaluation of diverse search results, and on applications and presentation of diverse search results.

Key Dates

  • 12th December: Papers due
  • 10th January: Notification of Acceptance
  • 17th January: Camera-Ready papers due
  • 12th February: DDR-2012 Workshop
Workshop 2: Workshop on Web Search Click Data


WSCD2012 is the second workshop on Web Search Click Data, following WSCD2009. It is a forum for new research relating to Web search usage logs and for discussing desirable properties of publicly released search log datasets.

  • 15th October: Start of challenge
  • 5th December: Papers Due
  • 22nd December: End of Challenge
  • 10th January: Notificaton of Acceptance
  • 17th January: Camera-ready
  • 12th February: WSCD Workshop
Microsoft Research Social Search Social

Website and registration:

Though not an official WSDM'12 Workshop, Microsoft Research will be hosting a Social Search Social at Microsoft Research on February 11th. This event will feature structured networking activities for members of the CSCW and WSDM communities who are interested in the research area of social search. More details and registration info can be found at